Kianna Dior

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Kianna Dior
Kianna Dior
Birthday:November 17, 1969
Astrological Sign:Scorpio
Birth location:Sardis, British Columbia, Canada
Years Active:1999-2006 (Started at 30 years old)
Height:5 feet, 4 inches (163 cm)
Weight:118 lbs (54 kg)
Eye color:Brown
Hair color:Brunette
Tattoos:vine on tailbone
Alias(es):Kimmy, Keanna, Kianna, Kiana Dior, Kianna Dior, Kianna Diorr, Jade, Kiana, Kiyanna, Orling, Kiana Wong
No. of films:61
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I was born in Hawaii, then raised in Northern California, but I still feel like a local every time I go back to Hawaii. I tried living in LA for a while, but didn't like it and now I live back in the SF bay area.Everybody always wants to know how I got started in the porn business. I guess I've always been an exhibitionist. I think nudity is beautiful and everyone should try going nude in front of other people more often. It releases a lot of your inhibitions and opens you up to just feeling. So I guess it's not that big of a step for me to do porn. Anyway, I was working a high stress 9 - 5 job when I decided to take a summer off to goof around, enjoy life, to see if there was more out there besides the job and grinding daily schedules. I didn't get a chance to goof around too much because the owner of Legend Videos offered me a 12-movie contract. I thought it was appealing, I mean having sex and cumming and getting paid? I had previously been offered to shoot a Penthouse video, which I had been mulling over so I told the owner of Legend that I'd try to Penthouse Video first to see how I felt in front of the camera. When I shot the Penthouse video I had a blast! And signed with Legend. My first video was Simply Kia. My first ever sex scene was with John Dough, who I think has one of the biggest cocks in the business. We did the first scene on the tennis court of this huge mansion. I was wearing a little wedding outfit (I guess because it was my virginal intro into the business!) He did me standing from behind, he was gentle, but also forceful, and got me all hot and wet. I couldn't have asked for a better first partner. From that point on, they let me pick the guys I worked with. I generally picked guys that I found attractive, were clean, respectful, funny, careful, and of course were drug-free. I ended up with a list of seven or eight guys that I usually worked with. My second movie was Paradise Found with Peter North. Peter is an absolute sweetheart. He is funny and easy-going. He was also thoughtful and considerate. John & Peter both gave me a lot of pointers about the business and when it came to the sex, they both got me wet and horny. That's how I got into the business. I find it exciting, fun, and at times grueling, but the rewards are worth it. I have never done anal with guys, but I did anal with girls. I figure that one day when I do anal it will be for my own production company, done my way, like my friend Asia Carrera did. Plus, once a gal does anal in a movie, that's all people want to hire you for, and I never want to be known as an anal gal. Sometimes I think I could write a book about my experiences in the adult business, about all the movies I've made and the people I've met. Maybe one day I will do it. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, the people in the adult business are not all drug addicts and runaways. I certainly am not. I think of myself as a business woman, and in charge of my own destiny. I chose to do what I do because I wanted to do it. Nobody forced or coerced me to do these movies. This is a business, sometimes lucrative, which can benefit me now and later on too. I have goals, and basically have my shit together. I think the majority of the other girls in the business are the same

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